• Colas Rail ‘70s’

    THE new year had just begun when Nos. 70803 and 70805 were unloaded from the Atlantic Concert at Seaforth Docks, Merseyside, on January 4, 2014,


    REGARDING the Scottish Met-Camm Pullman picture (Express Mailbag, August issue), I think I can identity it – or at least narrow it down, because three

  • September 2018

    FEATURES: THE ‘TRYING BANANA’ Early days aboard the New Measurement Train, where life did not always go to plan. A VISION OF HS2? Inside one

  • The ‘Trying Banana’

    THE Hatfield derailment of October 17, 2000 was a watershed moment for Britain’s railway, and most railway engineers around at the time would rather forget

  • Tenders sought for HS2 fleet

    THE Government has issued an invitation to tender to the five bidders hoping to build the initial fleet of trains for HS2. The winner will

  • Back to the future

    FIFTY years ago saw the end of steam on British Railways, with the running of the famous 1T57 ‘Fifteen Guinea Special’ on August 11, 1968.

  • December upgrades postponed

    THE upheaval caused by the extent of timetable changes in May, which even now have still not been fully implemented by Northern and the Govia

  • Heljan surprises with new ‘25’

    THE competition to produce the definitive re-creation of the BR/Sulzer Type 2s in ‘OO’ gauge took a further twist at the beginning of July, with