• Finding the sweet spot

    EVEN the most die-hard supporter of a fully nationalised railway must secretly realise there’s very little prospect now of us ever going back to a

  • UK range launched by Accurascale

    FEBRUARY 1 saw Accurascale become the latest manufacturer to enter the UK-outline ready-to-run market, with the unveiling of its first ‘OO’ gauge model. Run by


    ALTHOUGH steel and other metals were the main traffics to use Cargowaggon flat wagons (February issue), mention was also made of their use for conveying


    THANKS for printing the picture of LMS diesel shunter No. 7069, which is an early precursor of the Class 08 fleet (Express Mailbag, February issue),

  • ‘Baby Warship’ from Little Loco

    FOLLOWING on from its highly successful Class 15, the Little Loco Company has announced it will tackle the North British Class 22 diesel hydraulics as

  • March 2018

                      FEATURES TWO ZULU ZERO TWO Life aboard the former Class 121 video survey unit Pandora by

  • UK Railtours abandons ‘Northern Belle’

    UK RAILTOURS boss John Farrow has had to relinquish using the ‘Northern Belle’ set of carriages for his luxury-end tours. This has come about because

  • ‘Bones’ of contention

    IT is now 15 years since a Class 58 last ran under its own power in Britain. The date was March 19, 2003 when Nos.