Six people a month risking lives to cross tracks in Essex


Footage from the tracks in Grays, Essex.
Six people a month risking lives to cross tracks in Essex. Photo: Network Rail

Over six people a month are putting their lives at risk by walking across tracks at a level crossing in Grays, according to Network Rail.

New figures show that over the last year, 74 people have been caught on camera at the crossing on Grays High Road in Essex. It is estimated hundreds more cross to take a shortcut or to avoid paying their train fare.

Network Rail say a small minority are still persistently ignoring safety measures in and around the crossing. They could face prosecution.

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Staff at Network Rail are now joining forces with the British Transport Police to remind people of the dangers of crossing the track in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents.

Rupert Lown, Network Rail’s director of safety for Anglia, said: “The number of incidents shows that people are ignorant to the danger they are putting themselves in when they take a short cut to the station or to avoid paying the train fare.

Footage from the tracks in Grays, Essex.
Photo: Network Rail

“Choosing to flout the safety procedures can have life changing consequences for everyone involved. It’s just not worth the risk.

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“We are reminding people if you trespass at this crossing, you risk your life and you could also face a fine and a criminal record.”

Stephen Webster, inspector at British Transport Police, said: “We are working with Network Rail to reduce offending and risk at Grays.

“We conduct both uniformed and non-uniformed patrols frequently at the crossing and in the last year, 11 people have been identified and processed for offences.

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“Trespass is not only dangerous but also carries a penalty of up to £1000. We also collate CCTV images of people trespassing and identify people from a range of sources. Our message is very clear. Please use the crossing safely. Don’t trespass or you could be getting a tap on your shoulder by one of my officers.”

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