District Railway ‘Boxes’

Two unidentified District Railway locos double-head a through train from Ealing to Southend at East Ham in the 1930s. The coaches are corridor bogie types introduced by the LT&SR in 1912, which replaced a motley collection of older vehicles. The headboard reads ‘Southend Corridor Express’. DC Collection

A fleet of 10 bogie electric locos was built for the District Railway to haul other companies’ through trains, first those of the London & North Western Railway and then the London Tilbury & Southend Railway.

IN the early 20th century, plans were drawn up to electrify the tracks that today form London Underground’s Circle Line, and thus eliminate steam operation from the sub-surface lines.

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For its part, the District Railway ordered a batch of 10 bogie locomotives that looked similar to its ‘B’ Stock multiple units.

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