PREVIEW: November edition of Rail Express magazine

Rail Express

The COVID-19 crisis pushes the government to a concessions-based approach to replace rail franchising.

The November issue of Rail Express magazine is essential reading for today’s rail enthusiasts.

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Headline News

RIP franchises as the Government moves to a concessions-based approach in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis; Grand Central scraps planned.

Long lost freight: Cattle

A look at North Wales’ final livestock trains.

The Retro Years: S&C 40s

Inspired by the use of a ‘Whistler’ on RCS’ Staycation Express, we look back at Class 40s in action on the Settle & Carlisle line.

PLUS! All the latest news covering Railtours, Preservation, Units, Shunters, Coaches, Wagons and the Irish modern traction scene.

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