‘Roarers’ remembered: The Euston ECS years

The reinstatement of several AC electrics to main line duties last year, ostensibly for sleeper train movements into and out of Euston, is reminiscent of the 1980s when a small fleet of Class 82s and 83s were returned to use for empty coaching stock (ECS) duties, as David Russell recalls.

‘Roarers’ remembered: The Euston ECS years
The Euston empty stock workings gave extra life to locos that would otherwise have been withdrawn from main line duties. No. 83009 was allocated to these duties between July 1985 and March 1989, being captured at Euston in 1987. Chris Firth
THE early 1980s was a period of contraction for British Rail, with a large number of diesels being placed in store or withdrawn.

Electric locos were not immune to the cull of locos either, with three types – Classes 82, 83 and 84 – being condemned on account of being small, non-standard fleets.

The last Class 84 was taken out of traffic in 1980, while the Class 82s and 83s were withdrawn from main line service in July 1983.

However, there was a reprieve for several locos, as it was decided to retain a small number for stock workings into and out of Euston.

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