Kernow recalls ScotRail survivor


Another three ‘OO’ limited editions have been released by the Cornish retailer, including a notable Class 47/7.

THE latest addition to Kernow Model Rail Centre’s ever increasing line-up of exclusive Bachmann limited editions is an interesting one, taking the form of push-pull Class 47/7 No. 47706 in its famously scruffy ScotRail colours (31-653Z).

Limited to 512 examples, a standard DCC ready model is priced £159.99 with DCC fitted and DCC sound versions also available, retailing at £179.99 and £259.99 respectively.

The 4mm scale model recreates the loco following its transfer away from Scotland and onto Network SouthEast loco-hauled duties via a short stint with the Parcels sector. Reallocated to Old Oak Common in the early summer of 1991, it was briefly deployed on services along the Thames corridor before joining its sub-class sisters on the Waterloo-Exeter route later in the year. As the loco was only on loan from what would soon be Rail Express Systems, it was denied a repaint in NSE colours, its ScotRail livery becoming increasingly tatty as the paint wore away.

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While the ScotRail lettering was painted out in late 1991, Kernow’s model portrays No. 47706’s appearance from 1992 onwards when NSE flashes were added to the cabsides and fronts. It remained on West of England services through to the late spring of 1993, becoming a near daily sight for your editor over this period. With the debut of the Class 159s, No. 47706 was returned to Rail Express Systems and deployed on parcels services countrywide. However, the Type 4 was not selected for retention by the sector, being stored in June 1994 and cut up 14 months later.

Kernow’s model is most notable for its weathering, which is the most complex yet undertaken by Bachmann on a locomotive. There is the usual all-over covering of air-brushed grime, with the cab roofs looking particularly effective, but a good attempt has also been made to fade and mottle both shades of executive grey paintwork using printed effects. Naturally, the printing cannot replicate the chipped edges of the different paint layers and this is evident close up but the weathering works well in creating the overall look.

The worn and peeling ScotRail stripes are nicely done while the loco’s little paintwork touches have all been picked up on, including the red oxide roof aerial brackets, grey front to the high intensity headlights, rubbed off cantrail stripe sections and buffer shanks that are red at one end and black at the other. The dual Eastfield and Haymarket depot logos are faithfully recreated as are the blue OC depot stickers beneath the data panels. One thing that is not reproduced is the fresher patch of dark grey where the ScotRail logos were overpainted but overall it is an impressive attempt and brings back a few memories.

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